What semi-sweet wines will work as a gift?

Wine is a drink appreciated by people all over the world. He accompanies us at meals, during meetings with friends. We often reach for them in the evening when we want to relax while watching our favorite movie or reading a book. Well-chosen, it will emphasize the taste and aroma of the dish, as well as its own. This alcohol is suitable for many occasions, and for wine lovers and others it can become an ideal gift.


Is wine suitable as a gift?


Yes! Wine is undoubtedly suitable for a gift, because it is a universal drink. Even if the recipient does not drink alcohol, they will be able to offer it to their guests or store it properly and reach for it even in a few years.


The world of wine is full of flavors and aromas. Semi-sweet wines are the safest gift choice. This type of wine is a taste compromise for the average consumer. It is characterized by a distinct, but not too heavy sweetness with noticeable fruit and floral aromas.
Also connoisseurs and wine gourmets should appreciate the semi-sweet wines they will receive as a gift. Even if it doesn’t match the dish they’ve prepared, they’ll definitely drink it another time.


Which semi-sweet wine to choose for a gift?


When going for dinner, where fish, seafood or rice dishes will be served, it is worth reaching for La Vina Semi Dulce. The white, slightly sweet, fruit-smelling wine has a pleasant, light yellow color and a high content of sugars. The liquor of Spanish origin smells of pineapple, melon, green apple. You can feel a delicate lemon note. Such a gift is sure that the giver will find the right occasion to drink it.


A wine that will be a great casual gift and will taste great as an aperitif or, like its predecessor, accompanied by fish and seafood is Sol del Rey Blanco Semi Dulce. It is a light, refreshing wine with noticeable aromas of tropical fruit.


Chateau Vartely Chardonnay Semi-Sweet is a Moldavian Chardonnay offering with the scent of ripe bananas, pineapples, wildflowers and bread. The taste is juicy apples and pears. Also fresh and light. Served as an aperitif or with buttered vegetables, crustaceans and cheeses, it will delight many wine lovers.


Red, semi-sweet, Georgian Khvanchkara wine is a wine that can be served with light cakes, dried fruit, nuts, roasted pumpkin seeds. The wine has a more expressive taste, reminiscent of raspberry, blackberry, rowanberry with spicy aromas. It is very fruity with a distinct raspberry accent, slightly spicy and fresh.


In addition, we offer you wines such as Riesling Bauer or Moscato D’Asti DOCG Bosio, available in our offer.


Semi-sweet wine is a great idea when you want to make someone a gift, regardless of the occasion. In the offer of the Winoland store located in Warsaw, you will find many wines with a rich bouquet of flavors, among which everyone will find something for themselves.

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