What is a commented wine tasting?

Although each of us reaches for a glass of wine from time to time, knowledge about this drink and its types is not very common. There is nothing strange about it, after all, wine has a centuries-old tradition, it is made in different ways, in different corners of the earth. It is not easy to find yourself in this variety of flavors and aromas. To learn a bit about the world of wine, a commented tasting will be useful. It is an increasingly popular addition to industry and company events, which makes the event interesting, and its participants can relax and integrate.


What does a commented wine tasting look like?


Commented-tastings should fulfill two functions: to be interesting and at the same time let people learn something more about wine drinking culture. Therefore, during the event, the host not only mentions various facts about this drink, but also anecdotes and curiosities. Each event consists in carefully selecting several drinks and matching them with dishes or snacks. As you know, wine can be a great addition to dishes, but generally people do not know how to combine the drink with a specific type of food. Wine tasting for a company is the perfect opportunity to increase your knowledge on the subject. The event allows the participants of the event to relax, and tasting high-quality wine improves the mood. This promotes integration and builds a nice atmosphere in the team.


How to organize a wine tasting?


Wine tastings are becoming more and more popular in Warsaw. When ordering this type of service for your company, it is worth taking advantage of our offer. Winoland was created out of passion for wine. Our employees are people who know this drink perfectly. In turn, our experience in working with clients allowed us to create an original, extremely interesting tasting program. Let’s introduce the history of the presented wines, reveal to the audience the secrets of their production, and suggest what to pay attention to when drinking them to fully feel their taste and aroma. Our tastings for companies are full of knowledge and tips, but everything is presented in a light and funny form. Guests learn interesting things and have a great time at the same time.


Wine tasting is a great idea to spice up a company event or meeting. Our experience shows that guests are very curious about this point of the program. After all, who wouldn’t want to know more about one of the world’s most famous liquors? Our tastings will certainly bring you closer to the world of wine and help you understand its phenomenon. Interesting compositions of drinks and dishes make the guests open to new flavor combinations and praise the event prepared in this way. After all, guest satisfaction is the most important thing!

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