We choose the best wines for seafood dishes

Wines can perfectly emphasize and dominate the taste of a dish, which is why it is so important to choose them correctly. This is especially evident with seafood dishes, which are very delicate and light, and the wrong choice of wine could overwhelm them. Certainly, red wine is not suitable for this type of dishes, because it can significantly change their taste. This is due to iron, which is present in red wine and interacts with the unsaturated fatty acids found in Mediterranean dishes. As a result of this combination, an unpleasant odor is created. You will learn what wine to choose with seafood from the text below.


Bet on white wine


It is one of the most aromatic and delicate spirits. White wine with high acidity and seafood is a great combination. It works well with mussels, snails as well as squid or octopus. An example of such a wine is dry white Von Winning Win Win Riesling, coming from one of the largest wine regions German. You can feel the clear scent notes of juicy citrus in it. It tastes best chilled and should be served that way. It is a great solution for an evening with friends but also for an exquisite dinner. If we care about wine that will work well with various snacks, we should focus on Albarino Segrel from Portugal. It is an exceptionally crisp wine with a distinctive taste. Contains aromas of fresh fruit and white flowers. If our main dish is to be fish, we should choose a wine that will only complement it. This is certainly Conde Villar Alvarinho/Trajadura. Perfect acidity combined with pleasant scents of lemon and orange tree gives a feeling of freshness and lightness. Perfectly harmonizes with fish dishes, but also with poultry or freshly made salad.


Rosé or sparkling seafood wine?


In addition to white wine, we can also choose rosé, which is delicate and goes very well with shellfish and mussels. Characteristic of this wine is the aroma of red fruit, very often strawberries or wild strawberries. Rose wines combined with seafood will surely delight many palates. All this thanks to the dry and refreshing taste at the same time. During a seafood dinner, sparkling wine is not to be missed. This is great for making toasts. It perfectly combines with easily digestible dishes. When serving calamari or oysters, it is also worth betting on champagne. Seafood wines will also work well as an ingredient in prepared dishes.


When choosing wine for fish or seafood, it is best to choose white, pink or sparkling wines. In this case, it is not the wine that plays the main role here. It is only a background that will emphasize their unique taste and encourage you to continue eating. We have a whole range of wine flavors to choose from and the one we choose depends only on us. This text will certainly be a good signpost for people who are starting their adventure with the world of wine.

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