Barbecue wine – how to choose and what to pay attention to?

The first rays of the sun slowly break through the clouds, it gets warm and we start grilling. We throw literally everything on the grill, although the most popular is, of course, sausage, black pudding and various meats. More and more often we also reach for cheese, vegetables, fish or seafood. The most daring also grill fruit, such as pineapples or bananas. When it comes to alcohol drunk during barbecue meetings, it is primarily beer. We drink wine much less often and this is a big mistake. Properly selected, it will be a perfect complement to the taste of dishes served grilled. If you don’t know what wine to choose for a barbecue, this text will definitely help you.


How to choose the best wine?


Wine, in addition to taste, also adds elegance to the whole meeting. The variety of aromas and taste makes even the less popular dishes find their companion. If we choose wine for the barbecue, we should pay special attention to the label with the most important information. We look at the variety, color and country of origin. In addition, we can find a mention of the residual sugar content, which determines the sweetness of the selected wine. It is best to choose a simple and expressive drink for grilled dishes. At the beginning of the meeting, it is worth betting on a mild, white or rosé wine, which will perfectly prepare us for the next feast. This type is also ideal for light grilled dishes, especially vegetables or poultry. What kind of wine we should choose for a social gathering at a barbecue depends primarily on the dishes we are going to serve. If we like well-spiced dishes, red wines, rich in fruit notes, will be perfect. On the other hand, people who definitely prefer delicate meat should choose white, sweet and refreshing drinks.


Wine ideal for meat dishes


When serving pork neck, ribs or steaks, it is worth pairing them with dry red wine. This is the perfect combination, because meat dishes can be hard to digest and red wine has a beneficial effect on our digestive system. SD Primius Primitivo di Manduria is a great proposition with a smooth and expressive note. It is a dry wine from the Apulia region in Italy. The main role is played by the aromas of forest fruits. It can be said that it is the perfect barbecue wine, because it goes perfectly with the meat. They can also be served with goulash or pasta. Another proposal is made for beef. Sol Fa Soul Malbec is a red, dry wine, combining the aroma of dark plums with notes of raspberry and cherry . Dry or semi-dry white wine is better for chicken or turkey.


Wine recommended with vegetables, cheese and cold meats


Dry rose wines are recommended for meat-free dishes, which will only emphasize the taste of grilled peppers or zucchini. Tapada del Villar DOC Tinto, a red wine with an elegant and long ending.


These little tips will make choosing a barbecue wine much easier. However, let’s not forget about our personal preferences, which we should also take into account.

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