How to match wines with popular desserts?

It would seem that matching wine to dessert is an extremely simple task. However, it turns out that it is not such an easy matter. While we usually don’t have much problem with its choice with other dishes, in the case of veta it becomes quite complicated. Dessert wine should be sweet, but you have to be careful not to overdo it with its sweetness, and thus not create a flavor composition that no one will like. So what should you consider when choosing this unique drink when there is afternoon tea on the table?


Dessert or maybe sweet


There is a widespread belief that dessert wine goes perfectly with sweet snacks. And there’s actually a lot of truth to that. It is characterized by a fairly high level of sweetness, which is why it is best to serve it in the company of cakes, jellies, whipped cream or other such delicacies. Moreover, this type of liquor, as a rule, is also quite strong alcohol. It is estimated that in high-quality dessert wines its concentration ranges from 14 to 22%. For their production, grapes rich in sugars, grown in exceptionally favorable conditions, are used, which is why they are not the cheapest, and thus the most popular. Nevertheless, when serving an appetizing dessert, it is worth serving it with high-quality wine, which will definitely enhance its unique taste.


Chocolate and wine


When matching the type of wine to a specific dessert, there is a rule that it should contain a similar flavor composition to what we serve on a dessert plate. What’s more, it must be at least a ton sweeter than weta, because its excessive acidity can unfortunately spoil the taste of even the best dessert. It is also believed that the heavier it is, the better it will go with red, sweet and expressive wine. The exception is chocolate and delicacies enriched with its extremely distinctive taste. In the case of this type of delicacy, it is extremely difficult to choose wine, so sometimes it is even worth giving it up altogether, which will probably be good for our dessert.


White or red


When serving wine with dessert, in most cases it should be sweet enough to gently emphasize the sweetness of the snack. However, the color of the drink is also important. Light, fruity delicacies based on meringue, whipped cream or recently popular mascarpone cheese are perfect for white dessert wines, which perfectly emphasize their delicate, fresh taste. Slightly heavier, spicy desserts taste much better when served in the company of a red, stronger drink, which perfectly emphasizes their greatest qualities and makes them almost melt in your mouth.

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