Strains to know: Chardonnay

Anything that says chardonnay is selling well. There is no doubt that it is the most popular white wine in the world. It is chardonnay that is among the three main varieties allowed by the regulations of the appeal for the production of champagne.


Chardonnay comes from France, but it is a real globetrotter among the grapes, because it is grown almost all over the world. There is nothing strange about it – chardonnay perfectly adapts to various climatic conditions. Excellent Chardonnay wines are made in Australia, Chile, South Africa, and above all in California. Interesting results are obtained by Spanish and Italian producers. But so far nowhere has it been possible to obtain such wonderful chardonnay wines as white burgundy.


What does chardonnay taste like?


We can expect a lot of fruit flavors and aromas here. But really, the character of Chardonnay depends on how it is grown and produced. In chardonnay from colder regions of the world, we will find classic flavors of apples, citrus and minerals. A strongly fruity chardonnay with tropical accents of peach and citrus is made in countries with a warmer climate. Lovers of rich and complex white wines will also find something for themselves in chardonnay. These heavier wines are fermented in oak barrels, thanks to which they gain a characteristic taste and smell of spices – nutmeg, vanilla and … butter. The least common are long-aged, sweet dessert chardonnays.


What to serve chardonnay with?


Chardonnay is great as an aperitif, but it is also a great table companion. Thanks to its legendary variety, chardonnay can be served with many different dishes. The taste of chardonnay goes perfectly with fish and meat, seafood, vegetables and even mushrooms. What if we just want to drink wine? Nothing tastes better than a glass of chardonnay drunk in the evening in front of the TV or in the garden under the summer starry sky.


Renata Pyskiewicz – Kowalska

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